Altern Fulfillment is a Los Angeles based fulfillment center that provides expert services in an environmentally responsible way. With companies specializing in Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle brands, our 19,500 square-foot state of the art climate controlled fulfillment center processes and fills thousands of orders daily in a timely and efficient manner. We pride ourselves in our 24 hour fulfillment time and understand our customers needs in a way that sets us apart from the competition. Our packaging methods are tailored to meet your specific needs through sizing, and packaging to meet all weight specifications to ensure we only use the minimal amount of packing material. We ship all throughout the United States, Canada, and many international countries via certified tracking so you can track your package right to your front door. We package each order with care to guarantee you receive your item in the same condition as if you were to walk out with the item yourself. We take pride in our customer service and have agents ready to assist you with any questions you may have. We strive to make online shopping as easy as ever.


As an eco-friendly company, our center is equipped with advanced solar panels to capture the power of the sun and reduce our carbon footprint. We use all recycled materials to do our part in conserving natural resources. We use energy efficient lighting in the warehouse and in all offices to ensure we’re only using what we need and nothing more. Altern is finding new ways to be green on a daily basis because we are passionate about preserving our planet.

Altern handles various types of fulfillment services, such as:

    B2C Fulfillment
    B2B Distribution
    Kitting and Assembly
    Returns Management
    Inventory Management